FOUR insider tips and tricks to maintaining your folding arm awnings in Melbourne
folding arm awnings in Melbourne

When it comes to folding arm awnings, Melbourne is undeniably one of the strongest markets for these versatile products. With the arrival of March signaling the onset of autumn, however, many Melbournians will be looking ahead to cooler days when their awnings/outdoor blinds get aired less often. With that in mind, March is a good time to think about maintenance, rather than putting this off until spring decides to come back. 

If you want your folding arm awnings to stay in the best possible shape, then some tender love and care in the autumn and winter months is just what the doctor ordered. 

We have created a checklist of minimum care for your awnings. However, please keep in mind that if they have speciality features, you might have to take further measures during the cold season.

ONE: Check the folding arms on your awnings regularly

Some of the most popular products on the market today are folding arm awnings, a sought after feature in the Melbourne market. However, due to their ‘resting’ period during the autumn and winter, small problems can turn into big ones because they are left unattended. We would recommend checking the folding arms once a week so that potential problems such as rust and loose screws can be fixed straight away. For example, if the awnings in your dream space have the Silentec technology, you need to ensure that the operation of the folding arms on your awnings is kept as smooth as possible in those muggy months. This can easily be done through the application of certified mechanical oil.

TWO: If your folding arm awnings are motorised, test!

It is probably the last thing you think about in the wet season, but testing your motor at least once a month is crucial to discovering maintenance problems relating to your awnings straight away. It might feel like a hassle, but humidity escalates damage to the motor. The sooner it is discovered, the better.

folding arm awnings in Melbourne

THREE: Clean your folding arm awnings

When you chose your awnings, you spent time deciding which colour and material would be best suited to your needs. Unfortunately, colours and materials fade over time. Sun is not the only culprit. Dirt, dust and acid rains are equally to blame. But, luckily this process can be delayed by the occasional wash. Your awnings are especially at risk if they are folded up, which tends to be the case for many over the winter. Follow our instructions on caring for your awnings online for more information on how to better care for, and how to get rid of nasty spots on, your awnings.

FOUR: Check any light bulbs installed with your awnings

Finally, make sure you check all light bulbs that have been installed while you are following the rest of the checklist. 99% of the time there will be no problems, but it is always better to be safe rather than sorry when it comes to electrical features on your folding arm awnings in Melbourne, where, outside of daylight savings, the evenings can be long.

Following this advice will limit the extent of any damage, and you could even get away with checking some online resources such as FAQs for folding arm awnings before calling in a repair company. By keeping your awnings in mind throughout all seasons you can enjoy your awnings for longer as they put that vital finishing touch on your perfect outside space.

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