Case Studies: Outdoor Blinds Brisbane

“We refer to them as the Mercedes Benz of outdoor blinds in Brisbane. They have the quality and of course the fact that they are made in Germany,” Cuchi Window Coverings representative Christian Wexselblatt says.

As a strong market for outdoor blinds Brisbane provides many examples of homes that have been enhanced by the addition of Markilux awnings or similar shading solutions. And with an extensive range of colours, styles and fabrics, Markilux is a brand Cuchi is happy to recommend to its Brisbane clients.

For clients seeking a complete service in outdoor blinds Brisbane based business Cuchi assists with all aspects of their needs, including the selection of the correct sized blinds for certain areas and requirements as well as following up with installation.

Uber Cocoon 6000

The first residential property that Christian worked on is located in the inner suburbs south-east of the Brisbane CBD in Holland Park West.

Holland Park West is close to the city and features abundant parkland – a lovely place to raise a family. The spacious property features a large pool and veranda area, and the owner of this architecturally designed home required a large but sturdy awning for its generous back yard. In particular the client desired one complete awning as opposed to two awnings to fill the large area that other brands were proposing. Markilux was the only brand able to provide a single awning option.

The Markilux Uber Cocoon 6000 is one of the single biggest blinds Cuchi Window Coverings has ever installed.

The Uber Cocoon has the strongest arm in the awning market, making it ideal to hold one large single piece of fabric that covers an extensive outdoor area.

This awning in particular measured an extensive 11 metres wide and projected out four metres.

Kinder Cocoon 990

For properties featuring outdoor blinds Brisbane offers a wide variety of examples. In contrast to the Holland Park West property, the second property required a smaller scale solution, as a residential home located only two kilometres from the CBD in Paddington. Its close proximity to the CBD is the reason for its busy shopping centres and nightlife.

This home is also architecturally designed with spectacular sweeping views of the city.

The client specified that they wanted the most compact awning to integrate into the house. The client did not want the awning to be exposed to the elements and harsh weather conditions. As well as this they wanted something that would provide them with optimum coverage.

The Kinder Cocoon is ideal for this purpose as it is in a full cassette.

The Kinder Cocoon is a great option for small courtyards or to provide shade on a balcony.

“Any awnings that are not under an eave or something to protect it from the weather, you want the fabric to always be protected by the cassette,” Christian says.

Similar to the Uber Cocoon, the Kinder Cocoon features the bionic tendon.



Fabrics and colours

Markilux manufactures its own high tech polyester fabrics which come in range of over 250 colours and patterns. The Uber Cocoon and Kinder Cocoon have no restrictions on colour choice.

Both awning covers are available in Sunsilk, Sunvas SNC, Tea Time Range and the Perla FR. The Uber is also available in Soltis 92.

Orders in standard or customised colours take five weeks to arrive from Germany.

All stock for specific state distributors are kept in Germany and shipped over as needed.

“We basically measure them all up, they are made in Germany and they arrive in a metal casing,” Christian said.

Markilux’s wide range of colours and fabrics matches its extensive offering of outdoor folding arm awnings, with full cassette coverage to meet all outdoor shading needs for both large and small areas.