How do you find the right awning or blind for your house?

Talk to any proud Australian homeowner about shading solutions and you can be sure they will rank fairly high on the list of home improvement priorities. There’s one obvious reason for this; the Australian climate, which is nothing short of extreme in the summer months.

However, whether we’re talking folding arm awnings, pergola awnings, retractable awnings, outdoor window awnings or just outdoor awnings in general, it’s also fair to say that awnings are as much a design choice as a functional one these days.

Designer Awnings are such an integral feature in many Australian homes that they are increasingly seen as an investment that instantly adds value to a property. If you’re looking to sell, this is an outlay that certainly makes sense, and if you’re planning to stay put, awnings will certainly enhance your lifestyle.

Find your style

Designer Awnings, as with everything else, come in many different shapes and styles. Depending on the size of your outdoor space and the design of your home there might be certain styles better suited to your needs, so here are some of the main styles available.


Folding arm awnings

As the most popular style offered on the market, folding arm awnings, also known as retractable awnings, will suit most homes. With the added benefit of being able to be folded away, they don’t need to take up too much space while still providing the shade needed.

Conservatory awnings

When needing to cover a large space, a conservatory awning might be a good option, and here at markilux, we provide the right covering for your conservatory. The materials used are really strong, so suit extreme weather conditions, and can also add the feeling of an extra room to your house, giving you and your family more space.

Pergola awnings

Another good option if you are wanting shade for a larger space, Pergola awnings don’t rely on an existing structure so can a good option no matter how your home is designed. You can also choose adjustable ones that allow you to change the height if needed.

Free standing awning systems

If you’re looking to provide shade for an area not connected to the house, free standing awnings systems are a great option, for as long as you have the outdoor space, you can place one wherever you like. This is also a popular shading choice for cafes and businesses.

Exterior window awnings

In Australia especially you often get blasted by the sun during summer, so to provide some relief exterior window awnings can provide shading options if all you’re in need of is a covering for your window. This is perfect for those who don’t have an outdoor area or maybe live in an apartment building.

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