Innovations in Designer Awnings by markilux Australia for 2020

markilux awnings are widely regarded as the best awnings under the Australian sun and have recently announced their new product developments for 2020. Keep reading for the inside scoop!

markilux Selection MX

In 2019, markilux launched the MX-3 folding arm awning which has been a worldwide success story. 


To increase the appeal of the MX-1 and MX-3 even more, markilux has extended the range of front panel finishes for these retractable folding arm awnings. The front profile insert colour can be customised in combination with the frame and fabric colour. The front inserts are now available with an innovative, exclusive coating known as the selection MX. 


The selection MX is a distinctive coating which is made up of multi-layered coatings. Each unit will be delivered with a completely custom-made front panel insert with markilux allowing for unique, interesting colour combinations to better reflect one’s personality and taste. This is an excellent way to meet the demand for exclusive architectural and landscaping design in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. 


markilux brings a new standard in the awning industry with a higher degree of individualism offering 10 additional different colour combinations and innovative coatings. These coatings are available in 10 unique metallic paint finishes and will be available with the MX-1 and MX-3 awning series.

The finishes are presented via an elegant sample book pictured above.


markilux Format

Modular, fixed or flexible wind and privacy protection with a textile character.


When protecting yourself from the elements or prying eyes, you could put up walls and fences or you can create your own outdoor space with textile cosines. The markilux Format is a fabric screen which can be used in and outdoors. The fabric is held into place with a patented tensioning system. The application of the Format is completely flexible; use it as a fixed screen, between posts, as a patio boundary, within other markilux products or even free-standing. 


A particularly elegant way of using the Format is with sliding panels on a track. Slide the markilux format screen to block out any wind or weather and simply slide to open again. markilux offers you the full range of awning colours from the markilux sunvas and screen fabric range This means you have the choice of over 250 different fabric colours to allow the Format to perfectly blend with surroundings. The patented 4-sided tensioning system – for optimal fabric tension ensures the fabric will always be taut no matter the wind strength. Triangular shading solutions are available in combination with the markilux pergola or construct; up to 500 cm by 150 cm. The markilux Format creates new and unique possibilities for protection outdoors.


Motorised adjustable post for automatic awnings

To adjust your awnings more easily, the post of the markilux pergola or pergola compact can now be motorised. The adjustable post means that you can use the markilux pergola in the rain even if you cannot achieve 15 degrees pitch on the pergola unit. The motor is also able to extend or lower the front profile on one side of the unit providing a higher walkthrough height if needed while providing an adequate pitch to allow water to run off. 


Previously the adjustable post was only available with a manual winding handle, however this year a motorised option is included in the post making it even easier to use. With the markilux remote control, the post can be adjusted automatically. Furthermore, the beauty of the system is that the motor in the posts can be linked to a rain sensor which will automatically lower the posts when it’s raining – the perfect outdoor awning for that versatile Melbourne weather!


markilux 620 with sundrive

The latest innovation in the realm of vertical screens in the markilux range is a solar-powered motor, now available in the markilux 620 vertical blind. If electrical power cannot be supplied to a blind, power is unreliable or a customer would like to save on their electricity bill, the solar powered 620 is the answer! 


The unit can be delivered with an internal battery and solar panel integrated into the headbox of the unit. Alternatively, the solar panel and battery can be mounted separately using a markilux E box which can allow for improved orientation of the solar panel in regards to the sun. The battery will provide the motor with sufficient power to extend and retract the unit multiple times. If the battery and solar panel are integrated into the markilux 620, the minimum width is 138 cm. With a separate E box, the minimum width is 60 cm. The maximum size for the markilux 620 with solar panel is 250 cm by 300 cm.

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