Markilux 879: a perfect summer addition

Christmas is fast approaching and many of us have already started the yearly countdown to the big day; bring out those chocolate calendars! In Australia, Christmas also signifies the start of summer and the need for shading solutions to make the most of the hotter months.

Once again this year, the Bureau of Meteorology has predicted that this December will be warm, dry and subject to less than average rainfall. Entering the Christmas season, there can’t be a better time to treat yourself and your house to a re-vamp.

Markilux is able to offer a number of new releases and innovations to meet this need. One of these, representing ground-breaking design and technology, is the innovative under-glass awning, the Markilux 879.

Designed to offer durability and a boost to your home’s sustainability, the Markilux 879 features a sleek, modernist look and promises to reduce solar glare and overheating in conservatories or other glass covered areas.

It’s been manufactured in a way that ensures optimum tension thanks to the use of double gas pistons, which help create a uniform, even shade and no unsightly or impractical sagging, as well as reducing those flapping noises created by wind or breezes.

As well as offering understated visual appeal, the awning is also designed for optimum quietness – the slides in the guide tracks have been optimised to reduce noise – meaning it won’t interfere with outdoor sound systems and conversations. It is optionally available with tracfix – which lends an appealing closed appearance, so when it is tucked away it forms a discreet part of your home, with all unsightly gaps eliminated. With a cassette height of only 130 mm, the underglass awning is also particularly compact.

Meanwhile an inbuilt LED lighting option means atmospheric lighting is also a key benefit of this design, making the Markilux 879 a safe and stylish way to enjoy summer nights in comfort.

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