Real innovation: new products and upgrades

During the cooler months of the year, it’s worth taking the opportunity to consider how your recently deployed shading solutions might benefit from some changes and improvements. Keeping your home protected and private while also adding to its visual and design appeal is an ongoing part of home ownership, so it’s critical to ensure that any funds you invest in improving your home in this regard represent money well spent.  There are many enticements to innovate your home out there in the market, but which are the ones that will really make a difference to your standard of living and prove of value over the long term?

True, innovation is a bit of a buzz word these days but at markilux we like to ensure that it really does mean something, with ongoing reviews of and updates to our ranges designed to ensure that our offering is both fresh and relevant to homeowners’ changing needs.

Here at markilux we’re pleased to announce a number of new products available from early 2017 and designed to bring real innovation to the markilux collection, in particular the tracfix line of products, which has proven time and again to be one of our best performers in terms of delivering functionality and value to homeowners. Proprietary to markilux, the tracfix system is a clever system that binds the edge of awning cover to an internal PVC profile housed inside the side track. The benefit of this technology is that it provides greater stability and support to the cover, particularly in windy environments. And of course another key benefit is that it creates a clean and pleasing visual appeal by removing the gap between the fabric and side tracks.

So, our new releases in the tracfix range are:

  • The markilux 779/779 tracfix
  • The markilux 776/776 tracfix
  • The markilux 770/870 tracfix

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