The new vertical and conservatory range

markilux 779/779 tracfix

The markilux 779/779 tracfix awning was essentially introduced to our range to add greater design possibilities for homeowners looking for a sharp edged, square looking profile.  Comprising an under-glass awning with a squared cassette, it’s already drawing strong interest from clients with modernist homes in which a squared look is key. It also creates clean lines and a sleek finish for renovations and home upgrades.

The 779/779 features guide tracks and/or cover as well as options for the use of LED lighting to add extra ambience during evening or night time use.

Another worthwhile feature is the ‘E-Box’, designed to make carrying out electrical installations both safe and easy.

This system is available in the same fabric choices as the popular markilux 879 including sunvas snc, sunsilk snc, visutex and (depending on size) ­ sunvas transolair.

markilux 776 / 776 tracfix

Meanwhile, the new markilux 776 / 776 tracfix is a vertical, tensioned blind with a squared cassette, suitable for fixture into a niche or reveal fixture and with a front profile that sits flush with guide tracks.

markilux 770 / 870 tracfix

If you’re in the market for a medium sized awning that “punches above its weight” then the new markilux 770 / 870 tracfix may be what you’re looking for. This handsome looking blind is a compact yet strong conservatory awning for middle-sized areas and offers great value in terms of stability, durability and visual appeal.

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