Upgrades to existing products

As mentioned, in addition to these exciting new products, we have listened to valuable market feedback about existing products and implemented a number of changes and improvements to several key products in the markilux range. Improvements implemented as of early 2017 encompass the markilux 620 tracfix, the Syncra / RS-2, the markilux 1300, the markilux 970 and the markilux 3300 pur.

Firstly the Markilux 620 tracfix (pictured above) is now offered in new sizes up to 300 cm width and projection and also features a new slim front profile, offering an enhanced visual appeal. With these improvements representing greater options for consumers, this small vertical blind looks set to become more useful than ever, offering protection from the sun and insects. Its tracfix system prevents light gaps between the track and fabric cover.

The markilux 1300 Basic (pictured below) now features an exciting new design including robust folding arms with twin steel-link chain to ensure a taut cover and pivot bolts made from corrosion-proof stainless steel, along with Teflon-coated bushes. A strong 40 mm × 40 mm torque bar is extremely resistant to twist and deflection, while the roller tube is made of steel and has a diameter of 85 mm for the same reason. Another key feature of the 1300 Basic is its attractive front profile with an integrated gutter that ensures water drains away to the sides. Meanwhile, an optional pitch adjustment gear mechanism affords added protection, enabling pitch of the awning to be changed using a winding handle. In addition. Shadeplus, best described as a retractable shade or an independent vertical awning concealed inside the front profile of a folding-arm awning, is another option with this awning, creating additional living space on the terrace: protection against the sun, wind and inquisitive glances.

In a key innovation to another well-known markilux product, Shadeplus is also now an option with the markilux 970. Available in all markilux fabrics, Shadeplus is great for protecting users against glare when the sun is going up or down and is also a great benefit in terms of adding an extra level of privacy for outdoor areas in closely spaced city settings or other less private locations.

Finally, the markilux 3300 pure is now offered in a wider range of sizes due to a new stable tilt joint. This awning has proven extremely popular among both private / residential and commercial consumers. One reason for this popularity is that the markilux 3300 pure is very robust, due to a design that allows it to fit tightly to the wall, as well as the fact that it features a one-piece cassette extrusion. Another invaluable feature is a gutter in the front profile that allows water to run off to the sides. With all screws and components made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel, this is an impressively durable awning perfect for high use applications.

Meanwhile the Syncra RS-2, designed to cover large scale areas, is now offered with new post options, available in round and squared profiles that offer greater scope of design to suit consumers’ tastes and requirements.

So there you have it! We’re proud to share our new products and recent upgrades with you and trust you’ll reap the benefits of these real innovations from markilux!

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